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LOVE PEACE DRUM is a live recording of drums and voices created with love following an intensive led by Okoe Ardyfio & Dan Bailey.

Lead Drummers: Okoe Ardyfio & Dan Bailey
Djun Djun & Bell: Emily Maniere & Jason Klinge
Djembe 1: Aytug Unaldi, Duncan Haile, Suba, Tom Lucak
Djembe 2: Loretta Demarne & Nate Best
Shekere: Susan Bailey & Aytug Unaldi
Guitar & Bass: Dan Bailey

1. Ajaja
2. Kpanlogo
3. Denbadon
4. Kasa


This album is in memory of Peter Marbury as we carry the love he brought & taught. His loving soul is living in us all!

Djambeli: Love Peace Drum - CD

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